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I care about my mom, however I’ve realized that the two of us need some distance between us in order to have a good relationship, and if I’m too close and the two of us spend a lot of time together she gets on my last nerve and we end up fighting quite a bit. If I live across the country, however, we get along rather well, but that’s why I was so gleeful to go visit her recently; that is, until I had to deal with her insistence on not using the HVAC system for the weekend! You see, she prefers to save money, and will torture herself by refusing to use heating and cooling in order to spare herself on the energy bill every week. It is so severe that she would rather keep her a/c off while in 90 degree weather than to “waste” money on using it. I personally do not understand, because I need control over my indoor air quality to be comfortable. In fact, my husband constantly jokes about how often I fiddle with the temp control equipment trying to find the perfect settings for ideal air conditions. It costs us money, sure,  however I would rather have a high electricity bill than to suffer without any heating or air conditioning every day. Though mom had a new home on this visit, she still did not use the a/c. She scolded me for even suggesting the lower the temperature inside. It was a long and scorching weekend, in which I constantly eyed the control equipment, wishing I could use it. I was distraught to leave, however I was cheerful to get home to my own temperature control system.

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