I’m draining the plumbing equipment

When we had a major plumbing issue in our grassy knoll, we were honestly grateful to our friend who lives 1 road over. He’s the owner of a local plumbing dealer, in addition to the plumber came right over to our flooded grassy knoll with her industrial strength plumbing tools to help clear out the drains in our yard in addition to get everything back to normal again. It’s nice to have someone right here in the city that you can call when there’s a plumbing emergency. Let me surely tell you: nothing strikes fear into your heart like a big muddy pond seeping up higher in addition to higher through your yard in addition to closer to your basement windows! I’m not sure what the complication was other than a clogged pipe that usually flows out through the storm drainage system, however whatever it was, the plumber used her plumbing snake to fix it right up. I was so ecstatic to see him coming through the gate with her plumbing tools that I sincerely would have hugged him, however unfortunately, in order to do that, I would’ve had to wade through a foot of muck in addition to mud to even get to him. the plumber said that the plumbing back there is honestly seasoned in addition to the pipes that lead out to the storm drain can get plugged up pretty honestly with tree roots in addition to seasoned mud in addition to dirt that somehow gets into the pipes. The plumber only charged us $20 to fix it in addition to then the plumber said that anytime it happens, just to let him know in addition to the plumber will be right over to help us out. I am so ecstatic to have a professional plumber for a neighbor!

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