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When people think of HVAC, they consistently consider the heating and A/C, but they often forget about the V, which stands for ventilation. But, ventilation is a actually pressing area of HVAC, too. And, it is also the least considered! Everyone knows that going outside in fresh air can be enjoyable and refreshing, but the healthy benefits of ventilation were not always understood before today.  However as recently as 250 years ago, several people believed that fresh, outdoor air caused grave illnesses. Though, if a woman had a chill or fever, she was often cooped up indoors with all of the windows closed tight. In contrast, new research now suggests that fresh, ventilated air prevents the spread of illnesses such as the proper cold, meningitis, influenza, tuberculosis,  plus other many known viruses. Even if a woman lives in a rare section that does not have a major need for heating or air conditioning, she should make sure to either open her doors and windows often, or get an air cleaner right away. But, having ventilation helps to enhance comfort level as well, and stale, stuffy air which is not desirable, no matter what the actual temperature is outside. A woman that does have an HVAC plan because of the region of the world in which she resides should make sure to get official HVAC repair plus keep her air filters disinfected often so that her HVAC can continue to fill its job of providing heating, ventilation, plus air conditioning! Proper ventilation will help a woman to have a much more comfortable and healthy experiences of living in her home, while by no means should be ignored.

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