This doesn’t really seem right

My wife, two boys, and I all are hard working farmers. We often grow and harvest a variety of vegetables. I’ve worked my whole life on my farm and we have always done the harvesting by hand. Our harvesting days consist of spending all day in the sweltering heat and riding on our tractors while picking our crops. Since my family has had a large number of fields ever since my papa was alive, we have hired several good workers to assist us in getting our crops. Last summer while it was way too hot, we went out and started like normal. Maybe I’m getting too old but I was totally getting too hot. I eventually passed out and my workers called an ambulance to help me out. All I can remember is getting into the air-conditioned ambulance and feeling the relief of the cool air that was rushing over my body. I also remember that the ambulance eventually did get too cold from the air conditioning and my sweat felt like ice. When I did start to come to it was when the I was being transported into the hospital and without the air conditioning it felt terrible. When I was inside the hospital the air conditioning was perfect, it wasn’t too cold or hot. Eventually the doctor told me to stay in the air conditioning during the hot summer and he said I had overheated in the hot weather. He also said that if I hadn’t been dehydrated I may have been fine but at my age I should definitely be inside where its air-conditioned.

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