We need to keep this A/C on

I’m not sure if you’ve ever let your household chores go to the wayside before, but I can tell you that it’s pretty hard to make up for taking a hiatus from your normal responsibilities; This was my experience last month, when the perfect storm of having family visit & doing quite a bit of travelling myself resulted in complete negligence of my normal household cleaning. That’s when I decided I would take a day off of work to get all my chores done at once. I woke up ready to get on those chores, when I realized it was a little too hot and stuff in the house. The A/C should have been running as usual, so I wasn’t quite sure what the problem was, that is, until I took a look at the control unit. At once, it became clear that the A/C was not running, since the temperature control box was giving an indoor air temperature of 85 degrees, & the central cooling system appeared to be offline. I could not get the control unit to reconnect to the A/C, despite trying every trick in the book! Eventually, I gave it up & called the HVAC company to come take a look at my system, but they informed me that all their specialists were booked until evening. As it turned out, rather than getting all my chores done as planned, I ended up waiting sweatily for eight hours until the Heating & Air Conditioning repairman could stop by for my A/C. Needless to say, I still haven’t caught up on my chores.

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