I did struggle with cancer

When I look back at my adolescent life so far, I think like there’s almost no moment I’ll experience a natural death separate from dealing with cancer at some point. I don’t mean to be a sad sack, but I’ve come in contact with so many known cancer agents that I simply can’t imagine I’ll escape the horrific thing. As if it isn’t terrible enough that I was surrounded by second hand smoke as well as picked up the idea in my adolescence, I’ve also worked among highly terrible carcinogenic substances at my biological research position for a long span. To make matters more horrible, it turns out that I used to reside on top of a natural Radon gas depository in my home! Just a few months back the weather and city report came out that a geological survey crew had found shockingly high levels of harmful radioactive uranium in the rockbed that held my old area, unfortunately, as uranium decays in the ground it also releases a substance called to be Radon gas into the atmosphere. The ionic gas is highly radioactive, meaning it can potentially causes cell mutations when residing beings are exposed to Radon. Sadly, the most regular result of crucial Radon exposure is believed to be lung cancer, as well as because the gas occurs well as well as cannot be detected without any Radon test kits it’s tough to avoid. Apparently all of us were residing with extreme Radon contamination for 5 years as well as had no idea.

radon gas 

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