I wonder if I need a gas mask

When I look back at my previous life so far, I think like there’s almost no chance I’ll experience a natural death without encountering cancer at some point in time. I don’t mean to be a real depressing person about this however I’ve come in close encounters with so more than 2 known carcinogens that I simply can’t think that I’ll escape the horrific cancer. As if it isn’t bad enough that I was surrounded by a ton of second hand cigarette smoke plus picked up the habit in my early adolescence, I’ve also worked among highly toxic carcinogenic things at my biological research position for years. To make matters even more terrible, it turns out that I used to live on top of a natural Radon gas depository in our hometown, however just a few weeks back the station report came out that a geological survey team had uncovered shockingly high levels of harmful stereoactive uranium in the slab that held our old neighborhood, but sadly, as uranium decays in the soil it also releases a substance called Radon gas into the atmosphere. The ionic gas is highly active, meaning it can potentially cause cell mutations when living beings are breathing in the Radon. Sadly, the most regular result of crucial Radon exposure is believed to be lung cancer, plus because the gas deals with naturally plus cannot be detected without Radon test kits it’s strenuous to not see.  Apparently we were all living with serious Radon contamination for a few years plus had no idea.

detection kit 

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