Air quality

My roommate Abby is a huge smoker. I hate the smell of cigarettes and I also am super upset about secondhand smoke; additionally, cigarette smoke also hurts your house. The smell cling to your carpets and furniture; also, the smoke tends to discolor your walls and ceilings. Since our lake house is technically in Abby’s name though, there is not much I can do. The only thing I can do is purchase air quality products. I got an air cleaner for our cooling system in our home. The air cleaner installs directly into our A/C system and they work in tandem. When the A/C turns on, my air cleaner purifies the existing air quality. Is this the most perfect solution? Nope, but the air cleaner does help quite a bit. Air purification systems are completely meant to remove smells which the cigarette smell is the first thing listed. So, while the smell is removed, I expect that my air quality is not fully clean. If I wanted to do more I could invest in ultraviolet lights for the A/C. That would clean the indoor air flow before it even comes out of the A/C system. Air purifier takes the ambient air and removes the harmful objects; however, UV lights absorb the air and clean it before you breathe it in. Unfortunately, the UV lights are considerably costly, but for right now I suppose I will stick with my air cleaner. Hopefully this will be enough to combat the smell and I will feel better. If not, I might have to ask Abby to come up with some cash for the lights.

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