Cleaning the indoor air

I admit, I have a few vices in this lifetime. I try our best to be a productive member of civilization, but there are a few unseemly activities that I partake in. For instance, I am a substantial fan of drinking. I like getting a little tipsy and enjoy the taste of a good whiskey or well made cocktail. I am absolutely addicted to caffeine, as well, plus absolutely cannot get through a day of work separate from cups of freshly ground organic beans made into a tasty pour over cup of coffee. Lastly, I’m ashamed to admit that I still smoke cigarettes when nervous or bored, or when I think care about I deserve it. I don’t think that a single cigarette every few days is a substantial deal for our long term health, but I don’t think good about it either. What’s more, I have to update our whole Heating plus A/C system in order to keep up our habit because I absolutely don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke, but although I only smoke outdoors, the smoke constantly seems to come inside plus pollute our high quality indoor air.  Maybe the air return is situated near our regular smoking spot, because it seems care about the smell manages to encapsulate the whole house. I really can’t stand the lingering smell in our breathing air, plus I need a better system to remove all the hazardous airborne contaminants from our ventilation system. I suggest an media air cleaners that connects right up to our existing heating plus cooling plan; our bestie says I should quit smoking cold turkey. The thing is, I’m not sure that I can.

A/C filter 

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