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Living on campus is not constantly the greatest of experiences. Nobody really enjoys the campus life now that I think about it. Most students do so because it is included in their scholarships or their parents are paying their way. It is arguably the most cost efficient way to go. The thing I loathe the most is the heating and air conditioning system that they have. You have no control of the heating or cooling at any time of the year, but the worst of it is that it seems to be never when you are in your room! I am either super cold or boiling hot all year through! Well, this year we found out that they installed an App program onto the Resident Advisors temperature control in addition to her phone. She can now control the temperatures at all times, and not the administration. All of us thought if we could be slick with her, and she would help us out with some extra heating in the deathly cold Wintertime or the sweltering temperatures of Springtime with some refreshing air conditioning, Unfortunately she wasn’t entirely having any of it when we tried to approach her. Unlucky for her, we are students in the tech program. It didn’t take us long to figure out how to hack into the app in addition to ambush his phone plus temperature control! For a blissful few weeks, we had the best of the best in heating. Then the administration found out, then removed the app from the building. It was enjoyable while it lasted!

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