These halls deserve climate control

Residing on campus is the not always the greatest adventure. Actually, I certainly don’t know a single person who has had much to say that is great about staying on campus.  Most students do so as part of their scholarship package or because their parents are paying for the full ride. It is genuinely the most cost efficient way to go, if you work out the numbers. The thing I loathe the most is the heating and air conditioner system they employ! You never have a say when the heating or cooling is turned on at any time of the year. The worst part is that it seems to be never on when you are actually in your room! I am either chilly or tepid all year long! Well, this year the two of us heard that they installed a new Snap App onto the Resident Advisor’s iPhone! She can now control the rapidly decreasing temperatures at all times, instead of the school staff. Both of us thought if the two of us could smooth talk her, she would hook us up with some extra heating in the ice cold Winter season or the overheated temperatures of Springtime with some refreshing air conditioner action. She wasn’t having any of it when the two of us tried to reach out to her. But, lucky for us the two of us are students in the tech program. It didn’t take us long to figure out how to hack into the iPhone and control unit! For a blissful few weeks, the two of us had the best of the best in heating. Then the administration found out and removed the app from the building. It was great while it lasted!

heating system 

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