We need some extra heating

Living on a college campus is the not typically the best experience. Actually, I honestly don’t think 1 person who has had much to say that is amazing about living on campus.  Most students do so for it is included in their scholarship deal or their mom and dad are paying for the full package. It is actually the most cost effective way to go, if you contemplate it. The thing I hate the most is the heating and air conditioner components that is set up! You never have a say when the heating or cooling is turned on or off at any time of the year. But, the worst time is that it seems to be never when you are ever in your room! I am either frosty or sweltering all year long! Well, this year all of us found out that they installed a new Snap App program onto the Resident Advisors thermostat and iPhone. She can now change the hot and cold temperatures at all times, instead of the school officials. We thought if all of us could smooze her, she would help us out with some extra heating in the frigid Winter or the overheated hot of late spring with some refreshing air conditioner. She wasn’t going to have any of it when all of us tried to approach her. But, lucky for us, all of us are students in the tech program. It didn’t take us long to figure out how to hack into the operation and ambush her iPhone and thermostat! For a blissful few weeks, all of us had the best of the best in heating. Then the administration found out and removed the app from the building. It was superb while it lasted!

heating and cooling 

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