The heat and my movie collection

A few years ago I had to replace my entire movie collection. As I get older, I realize that I may need to do that again one day. But I hope not, I have spent far too long re-building the epic array of movies I used to have, and I would hate to go through this whole process again. I started collecting movies back in high school, and back then the DVD had not been invented yet. I bought video tapes. And let me tell you, I had hundreds of tapes! Boxes of them, plus a couple sets of book shelves full. And then the fateful day came when the air conditioning at my parents house broke down during the worst heat wave in city history. It was so dangerously hot in our house we checked into an air conditioned room at a motel to wait it out. After two days, the HVAC contractor had fixed our central air and we could go back home. The heat wave turned out to be too much heating for my movie collection to handle, and the tapes were all warped and useless. Thankfully the movie format of DVD is much more durable, and can handle a lack of AC for a while. You could actually set a box of DVDs next to the furnace and it would not damage them, so I think they will last me for the rest of my life. Now they have new movie formats like Blu Ray, and digital streaming, but I still like my old DVDs just as much as I loved my tapes before the AC killed them.

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