My movie collection

A few decades ago I had to replace our whole movie collection. As I grew older, I realized that I may need to do that again in a single day; But I pray not, I have spent far too much time re-building the epic array of movies I once had, and I would hate to go through this entire process again. I began collecting movies back in high school, and back then the DVD had not been thought of yet. I bought video tapes. And let me tell you, I had thousands of tapes! Boxes of them, plus a couple sets of book shelves chocked full of them. And then the fateful afternoon came when the a/c at our folks lake house died off while all of us were in the worst heat wave in state history. It was so sweltering hot in our lake house both of us skipped out into an air conditioned room at a motel to wait it out. After multiple afternoons, the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation had repaired our central air and all of us could go back home. The heat wave turned out to be too much to bear for our movie collection, and the tapes were all warped and destroyed. Gratefully the movie format of DVD is much more durable, and can handle a lack of A/C for longer. You could legitimately set a box of DVDs next to the furnace and it would not injure them whatsoever, so I know they will last me for the rest of our days. Now they have up-to-date video formats like Blu Ray, and digital streaming, but I still like our plain old DVDs just as much as I loved our tapes before the A/C killed them.

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