We can fix the air conditioner

A few years ago I had to renew our entire movie collection. As I get aged, I realize that I may need to do that again 1 day, but I hope not as I have spent far too long rebuilding the amazing array of movies I used to own, plus I would hate to go through this entire process again. I started collecting films back in school, plus back then the DVD had not been thought of yet. I bought VCR tapes. And let me tell you, I had millions of tapes! Boxes of them, plus a few dozens sets of book shelves full. And then the fateful day came when the ac at our parents place broke down during the most horrendous heat wave in city history. It was so dangerously hot in our house every one of us checked into an air conditioned motel room to wait it out. After more than one night, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company had repaired our central air plus every one of us could go back to the house. The heat wave turned out to be too much heat for our movie collection to deal with, plus the tapes were all warped in addition to useless. Thankfully the movie format of DVD is much more reliable, plus can take a lack of A/C for a bit. You could legitimately set a box of DVDs on top of the furnace plus it would not injure them, so I believe they will last me for the rest of my time on Earth. Now they have up-to-date movie formats like Blu Ray, plus digital streaming, but I still love our seasoned DVDs just as much as I loved our tapes before the A/C killed them.

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