This heat is rough on my film collection

A few years ago I had to renew my entire film collection. As I become an elder I realize that I may need to do that again someday. But I wish not to because I have spent far too long re-building the epic stash of films I used to have, as well as I would dislike to have to go through this whole task again. I started collecting movies back in my university days, as well as back then the DVD did not exist yet. I bought VCR tapes. And let myself and others tell you, I had millions of tapes! Boxes of them, plus a couple dozen sets of book shelves packed. And then the terrible afternoon came when the air conditioner at my parents home died during the worst heat wave in world history. It was so dangerously hot in our home both of us rented an air conditioned room at a motel to wait out the heat. After 2 afternoons, the Heating as well as A/C business had repaired our central air as well as both of us could go back to our estate. The heat wave turned out to be too much temperature for my film collection to handle, as well as the tapes were all warped as well as broken. Thankfully the film format of DVD is much more reliable, as well as can handle a lack of A/C forever! You could actually set a box of DVDs on top of the furnace system as well as it would not ruin them, so I believe they will last myself and others for the rest of my days. Now they have different film formats like Blu Ray, as well as digital streaming, even though I still love my seasoned DVDs just as much as I loved my tapes before the A/C killed them.

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