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I have been living in this neighborhood for just over 6 weeks now, plus I’m still deciding exactly how I feel about it, then see, I moved a great many states away from all of my friends plus family, plus I haven’t quite made new friends at all here. What’s more, I’m abjectly terrified of driving in this town because on top of the nasty traffic problem, the other motorists are complete idiots who pay no attention to what they happen to be doing. It’s undoubtedly dangerous out there. One thing I care about about this region, however, is the prevalence of great trees plus forests integrated with the city. There are multiple patches of tall, lush trees interspersed around the neighborhood perimeter, plus they make the traffic slightly more peaceful. The only complication with them so far is how they drop branches often, plus knock out the power to our home on a very proper basis. These power outages have been messing up our home’s modern temperature control unit, plus I’m quite afraid they could do permanent mangle to our central heating plus cooling system. Every time we lose our power, which is maybe once every few weeks, our smart climate control machine totally shuts down plus has to be reset plus rebooted before it will start to communicate with the air handling machine again. This means that the indoor air is regularly going untreated, it becomes sizzling plus humid when the air temperature controls plus a/c cease speaking to 1 another. It also could be sending strong power surges through our valuable heating plus cooling equipment, which will no doubt affect the lifespan of the HVAC system. I wish there was something that we could do to further protect our ventilation plan long term!

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