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This month has been one of the hardest for me when it comes to the details of owning my own business. About six months ago, I bought a restaurant. This was a very big deal for me. I don’t even own a house on my own, but here I bought a business! I have been a chef for over a decade. I have worked for the best of the best. I was ready to make a break out on my own. I had a very specific cuisine that I prepared. It was not for everyone, but I knew there were enough that would follow me. I have re-designed an old building on the water. I was doing really well, until it came to installing an HVAC system. This was my biggest pet peeve in places I had already cooked. No one could ever get the heating and air conditioning just the way a chef needs it in his kitchen. There was a very fine balance a chef had to juggle with air conditioning as to not spoil the food. But, a kitchen did in fact need some type of air conditioning with ovens and burners going at the speed of light. I had brought in three different HVAC providers. They all said the same. And, no one said what I wanted to hear. I was nearly about to give up and settle for the basic HVAC unit they were offering. Then, a young guy walked into my restaurant. He looked barely out of high school! He heard I was having problems. He just had graduated from an HVAC internship program and had some fresh ideas. I was excited to give him a shot!

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