Cooking issues

It was really chilly outside when I got off from work, and it was starting to snow as well. I remotely started my car and let it heat up before I went outside. I was just enjoying the heating system inside my workplace, before I stepped out into the bitter cold. So I went to my car in a hurry, jumped inside and my car was already nice and toasty since the heater was already on. I went on home with the heater on the perfect level, but when I got to my house, there was a bunch of smoke everywhere! I saw the smoke was coming from the kitchen and the fire alarm was going off. I figured out that my partner had burned some sugar cookies he was baking in the oven. We had to open a bunch of windows to air out the smoke from the house, which was unfortunate because it was so chilly outside! We had to crank the heating system up extra high just to keep it warm inside the household. I was thankful when we finally got all the smoke out because I couldn’t wait to shut those windows again. It got a little bit chilly inside, but it warmed back up to normal in no time. Those sugar cookies were burnt to a crisp, apparently because my partner forgot about them when he got in the bath. He was just trying to relax when he heard the fire alarm go off. That’s around the time I walked in through the front door. I was just thrilled that the house didn’t catch on fire! I was also thankful that we had such a reliable HVAC system to keep us nice and toasty, even when we had to open a bunch of windows open.

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