I can sleep well

This summer, my parents had the brilliant delusion to pack up our entire family for a trip to the big lake near high mountain country. Then, as though that weren’t bad enough, they invited our entire extended family together and decided to call it a reunion! They essentially rented two large houses for a crazy amount of people which had inevitable problems that were travelling to present themselves. Let’s start with the fact it was over ninety degrees and it was the worst heat on record. Also, there was absolutely no air conditioner in either house! There were ceiling fans inside the common areas, but not in the bedrooms where you really needed them the most. Our only thought was that the owners are used to mellow mountain weather, but this weekend the thermostats ended up being already bursting and it was going to be more unbearable with so many people if we didn’t find an answer fast! My brother-in-law, being the go to person, suggested renting a portable HVAC unit. Wait, what? That’s a real thing? Sure enough we found an HVAC provider in town, along with apparently air conditioning was big internet business for these rentals. We didn’t just want to go crazy, since we would still have to pay for any extra costs that the air conditioners were surely going to raise. So, we decided to just find a few portable box air conditioner units for the bedrooms and we just piled people up to make sure they could at least sleep well during the night. I was really surprised how easy they were to install and how quickly they cooled down the bedrooms. It was a win all about!

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