Humid temperatures

My friends and I went on a trip for three weeks in the jungles of South America. Although it was in a remote area, we had a guide who spoke the native language, so we knew we didn’t have to worry about much. The hardest part of the trip was the lack of running water, electricity, and any form of climate control.  The weather there was hot and muggy. We slept out in tents for the entire trip which was difficult at best. We really thought we would see more species of animals, however they were hiding from the heat too. When our three week trek was over, we were happy to be heading home. We had not seen our beds in three weeks, and I was ready to relax in my own place with my HVAC system keeping me comfortable. Sleeping in the jungle had been very difficult. There were always animal sounds at night, and thousands of mosquitoes to eat us alive. , When we finally got home, the air conditioner felt great. I was actually cold after a few hours by the fan. I threw my bags in the floor, and crashed on top of the bed. The air conditioner was only set to 74 degrees, however it felt like an igloo inside of the apartment. I guess my body had become accustomed to the warm, humid temperatures of the jungle. I slept for many hours, before I even moved a muscle. I do not know if it was being home, being in my own bed, or the air conditioner, however that was a restful sleep!

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