I just wanted to be home

I signed up to go on a Mission Trip with my church group. We would be gone for three weeks and be spending the time in the jungle. There were several small villages in that area that needed help. We would have a guide who spoke the native language, so we wouldn’t have to worry about much. When we arrived we were giving tents for sleeping, but there was no running water or electricity. For much of the times we were in the middle of nowhere, it was close to a hundred degrees every day, and the humidity was horrible. I thought we would see many unusual animal species, but they were hiding from the heat too! When our three weeks were over, we were happy to be heading home. Although it was a rewarding trip, we hadn’t seen a real bed in three weeks, and I was ready to relax in an air conditioned space. Sleeping out in the jungle had been very difficult. Between the weird animal sounds and the thousands of mosquitoes that tried to eat us alive, I just wanted to be home. When I arrived, the air conditioner felt great. I threw my bags in the floor, and crashed on top of the bed. The  air conditioner was only set to 75 degrees, but it felt like a chilly igloo inside of the apartment. My body had become accustomed to the warm, humid temperatures of the jungle. I slept for eight hours, before I even moved a muscle. I don’t know if it was being home, being in my own bed, or the air conditioner, but that was a wonderful nap!

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