It’s cooling down in here

As a member of the administrative staff for my company, most of my responsibilities is to order supplies for our 100 plus branches, and my employer is one of the largest HVAC providers in the south.  We have various sources to purchase our HVAC equipment from and I order from them all daily. I am responsible to get all those HVAC supplies delivered by truck, train or automobile as soon as they can get there.  With so many branches of my air and heating company, and with each A/C branch conducting more and more new HVAC installations or repairs on their schedules, I’ll soon need an assistant to ensure that I get all our supplies out to the HVAC technicians in a timely fashion.  When a homeowners’ air conditioning system fails them in the middle of the summer, that homeowner does not care where their new HVAC part came from, as long as it works and gets that cool A/C flowing once again through their ductwork. I order everything HVAC for our branches, everything from the A/C unit to the compressor, to the handler, air conditioning filters, all the nuts and bolts needed for our HVAC techs to work effectively, and even their uniforms, with our A/C company logo.  I also get to go to the HVAC expos, which is always a lot of fun and I get to see all the new HVAC products coming out and since the cooling and heating business is growing exponentially, as long as I get everyone their HVAC supplies, I will be employed a long time!


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