I really like my job

At my job, most of my responsibilities involve ordering supplies for our various branches, and  my company is one of the largest HVAC providers in the south. We have various sources to purchase our HVAC equipment from and I order from them all monthly.  I am responsible to get all those HVAC supplies delivered by truck, train or car as quickly as possible. With so many branches to service, and the increasing need for repairs, installation, and general service, I’ll soon need an assistant to ensure that I get all our supplies out in a timely manner.   When a homeowners’ HVAC system fails them in the middle of the summer, that homeowner doesn’t care where their new HVAC part or equipment came from, as long as it works and gets cool air flowing once again in their home. I order everything that has to do with HVAC systems for our branches. It could be the the compressor, air handler, filters, or even the nuts bolts needed for our HVAC techs to accomplish their jobs.  I even order the uniforms that they are required to wear with the company logo on them. We require this because it not only ensures that the customers know we are a legitimate company but it helps with advertising too. I really like my job and feel that it is just as important as that of the trained technicians that work for us. If not for me, they wouldn’t be able to provide the fast reliable service we are known for.

HVAC technology 

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