I do feel responsible

Most of my responsibilities at work involve the ordering of supplies for all of our branches. I work for one of the largest suppliers of HVAC equipment and supplies on the East coast.  We have multiple sources to purchase our HVAC equipment from and I order from them all on a regular basis. I am responsible to get all those HVAC supplies delivered by whatever means possible as quickly as I can.  With over one hundred branches, this means that the amount of supplies needed is growing daily. Installations and repairs of HVAC systems is at an all time high so the services that our company supplies is in high demand. I’ll soon need an assistant to ensure that I get the supplies out to the HVAC technicians in a timely fashion.  When a homeowners’ HVAC system fails them, that homeowner does not care where their new HVAC unit came from. They only care that it works and gets them back to the normal temperatures that they are used to. I order everything HVAC for our branches, from the HVAC units to the compressors. Every part or supply that the technician may need to complete a service call needed to be on the truck so that the customers didn’t need to wait for them. I even have to order their uniforms with our company logo.  I do get to go to the HVAC conventions to find out what the latest in technology which is really a lot of fun. I get to see all the new HVAC products coming out and since the company I work for is growing so quickly, as long as I get everyone their HVAC supplies, I will be employed a long time!

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