We saved some money on our HVAC unit

If you look hard enough, and use the internet to do research, you can find almost anything you need for a great price.  It’s easy to just go to Amazon or another major sites and click to order, whatever you want can be delivered within a few days.   There are times however that the web doesn’t have the right answers, or the item you want is too big and bulky to ship inexpensively. That’s when you have to get creative! You need to peruse swap meets, flea markets, and garage sales, and beginning hunting through online classified ads, it happened to me recently when my central cooling system broke in my home, leaving me roasting in the summer heat.  Ordering a new air conditioning unit offline was ridiculous because the shipping alone cost more than the item itself.   To buy a modern a/c meant going through a business or an Heating plus A/C business, and those were also out of our price range,so I started thinking smaller, and looking for the box style air conditioner unit that you can mount in your window. Since they were not new technology, I found there were a lot of these outdated A/C units out there, and could be bought for a fraction of what a nice modern HVAC system would cost me. I found an outdated but absolutely working window A/C unit at a nearby flea market, and it wasn’t the prettiest thing you’ll ever see, but it’s job was cooling down my home, and it did it’s job wonderfully.

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