Over coming diversity

My mother always told us boys that someday we would have to start taking responsibilities for our own lives and that meant caring for things on our own. We did not like when she said things like this. We were comfortable and had nothing to worry about. Everything was easy. Sure enough though, as we went through high school, we noticed that certain things were no longer being done for us. We knew it had begun. My brother and I then decided the only way we could make it in this world was if we stuck together. We got the idea to start a business together. One of the first skills that mother forced us to learn for ourselves was operating the HVAC system. For this reason, we knew that our longest standing skill was in the field of climate control. The answer was clear: my brother and I needed to start our business in the heating and cooling industry, but how would we go about it. Operation was simple enough, but perhaps HVAC repair would be something that we could learn well enough to make a business out of. The climate control studies began. We both devoted four hours of every day to reading about modern heating and cooling equipment and how it all worked. You would be surprised about how many DIY air filter replacement books there are, and It was like this for every aspect of HVAC maintenance. Within 25 months, my brother and I started looking for retail spaces to run our climate control service out of.

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