Breathing easier

Can I talk to you for a minute about the health of your lungs? No, this isn’t a lecture, and I’m not trying to sell you on anything! I just wanted to talk to you from the perspective of a lifelong smoker, who only recently discovered how much better life can be if you treat your lungs well. Only a year ago I couldn’t climb a flight of steps without getting winded, and if for some reason I needed to run, I was plumb out of luck! All my clothes stunk like stale smoke, even right out of the dryer! But thanks to a little help from my current Heating and Air Conditioning system, I’ve been cleaning up my act, and my vascular health. When people think about HVAC systems they think about cooling and heating, but modern Heating and Air Conditioning systems can do so much more for you than simply controlling the temperature of your home. New HVAC systems can also greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home, which brings with it many health benefits. By quitting smoking, and improving my air quality with the air filtration features of my new HVAC equipment, I can now breathe much more easily. The improved air quality not only helps us breathe easier and my clothes smell better, but it helps myself and others sleep better as well. The air filtration, along with the dehumidifier, help us enjoy a higher standard of living. Take my advice and invest in a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system. If you can’t right away, at least invest in a portable air filter.

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