Cleaning out the pipes

I have always thought that plumbing services are overpriced. The plumbers in my area charge right around $100 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. That means it costs a hundred bucks just to have them come out to see what is wrong. Anyway, I have now decided that a good plumber is worth much more than that. A good plumber is worth his weight in gold. Plumbing is much more complicated that it seems. I just thought there were pipes coming in to bring water in and pipes going out to bring water out. The pipes just get hooked together and go to each faucet and the toilet, hopefully without having pipes leaking. However, it turns out that there are water lines, drain lines, and vent lines. Water lines are pipes that bring water from the well or city water source to the home. The main water line leads to the house, and then several pipes branch off and lead to the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen and wherever else that particular building needs water. Okay, then there are drain lines. Drain lines are pipes that take away wastewater. The pipes that lead away from your kitchen sinks and faucets, the washing machine, and of course the toilet and bathtub. So, that seems like everything, right? No. There are also vent lines. Vent lines are a series of ventilation pipes that lead out to the roof. Have you ever noticed the pipe that sticks out of your roof? Chances are, you never have. But if you did not have a vent pipe, you would know it because your house would stink. The vent pipes keep nasty smelling (think bathroom) gases from going into the house, and instead the pipes lead them outside through the roof. There is a lot of math and science involved in plumbing.

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