Speaking their real thoughts

I’m always curious how my days are going to be turning out. Many people say that I’m a pessimist but I like to think of myself as being real. It’s not that I look at the glass as being half empty,  it’s that I like to be realistic. Often times I’ll look at a situation as what it really is and not what I wanted to be. People will sometimes mistake that for being a pessimist or generally a negative person. I’m not exactly negative on situations, but I’m usually blunt and forward with the way I’m feeling. Many people are too afraid to speak their real thoughts, but I’m not like that at all.  For instance, the air conditioning went out at work the other day. There was a lot of murmuring that day and I was the only person to actually say anything. I went to our manager and told him about the situation. He had told me that the air conditioning unit actually was being maintenance that day. The HVAC supplier was due in anytime now to look at the system. Nobody else had the gall to speak up about the situation, but I was able to get to the root cause and find out what the problem was. I passed on the word about the air conditioning maintenance to the rest of my  coworkers. They were actually quite glad to hear that it was just a simple air conditioning maintenance rather than a complete system outage. But we were only able to find out after someone had spoken up.

air conditioning maintenance 

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