The construction process

Sometimes I wonder if I could have made some better decisions when I was building my house several years ago. Overall, I enjoy it, but I wish I had splurged on a couple of things. One thing I really wish I had had installed was a radiant flooring system. I live in a city that experiences cold weather several months out of the year, so keeping my home warm during these times is a constant battle. With heated floors, I know that I would be able to warm my home quickly and without driving up a huge utility bill. Traditional HVAC units aren’t always the most efficient, and that’s why I am always having to monitor my thermostat so closely. Heated floors are so efficient because they send warm air throughout the entire  flooring system. The HVAC unit I use now only sends the warm air through a few air vents, and that’s why it can sometimes take up to an hour to get my entire house feeling comfortable. I hate to go back and do a total renovation now, and that’s why I wish that I had just splurged and gotten the heated floors back when I was in the construction process. If I had, I would be much more comfortable in my own house now. I guess my best option now will be to wait a couple of years and save up to have the radiant flooring system installed. After some time passes, I’m sure that I’ll be much more comfortable with the idea of doing a big renovation.

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