My running routine

Living alone sometimes is really inconvenient. I like having the space to myself and deciding what to watch, eat and do all by myself. However, it would be really handy to have someone at home while I am at work. Just last week I needed to have an air conditioner repair done. My cooling system had been leaking onto my carpet for days. I inspected the inside of it and I realized that the air conditioner’s condensate drain was cracked and patch together with duct tape. I had no choice but to get a cooling repair. However, the air conditioning business will only come during the week in normal business hours. So I had to take a full day off from work in order to meet the cooling contractor. I had big ideas of having the A/C repair only take an hour and then I would do anything I wanted on my day off. Instead, the cooling technician took around four hours in my home. He kept tracking in and out my door leaving dirt in his path. He also had to leave for awhile since he forgot the replacement part for my condensate drain. It was a nightmare babysitting a lazy AC technician the whole day. If I had a roommate, boyfriend or even a close friend to watch him part time, that would have made a world of difference. Instead I got to waste my whole day watching a slowly done AC repair and I got charged an arm and a leg for it. What a waste of a good day off.

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