Having lunch before I get back

I love living on my own.  I can go and do what I want, whenever I want, and I don’t have to worry about inconveniencing anyone, or asking permission.  Sometimes it is a bit lonely, and it would be nice to have someone else to depend on at times, but mostly I am very happy with the situation.  It really sucks, however, when something happens, and I need to take time off work, to deal with it. Like when my air conditioner was leaking all over my floor.  I had to take a full day off so I could be at the house when the HVAC technician arrived to fixed the AC. I was thinking that since they said he would be there in the morning, I would probably have the rest of the day to myself.  It didn’t happen that way, because the technician was extremely slow, and a bit lazy. He wasn’t prepared to do his job. He showed up on time, but he had to trek through my house, and out to his truck several times, for tools. It took half an hour before he even got started, and another hour of answering his phone before he could find the problem.  He then said that he hadn’t brought the parts to repair my air conditioner, and he would have to go back to the shop to get them. He must have had lunch before he got back, because he was gone almost two hours. I was not happy when it took him another hour to fix my AC, and then handed me a bill that had labor on it for the time he got to my house, until he handed me the bill.  I will be calling his supervisors on this one.

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