There’s not enough air filtration

My daughter came home from school, all excited about the new soup she learned how to cook in home economics today.  She said she wanted to make it for us for dinner tonight. She loves cooking, and she often helps me in the kitchen, so even though I was a bit worried, I gave her the chance to make the soup.  She was watching out the window, and seeing her brothers playing in the yard. Before I knew what was happening, she was out in the yard playing baseball, and the soup was boiling all over the stove. I heard her scream, and she yelled for help.   Smoke was beginning to pour out the windows, and that’s when she remembered the soup. She was opening all of the windows and doors, and trying to wave the smoke out of the kitchen. I had all of the fans on, but the smoke wasn’t leaving the kitchen.  Apparently my air filtering system wasn’t working like it should. I had the air conditioning on, hoping that it would help to clear out the air. The air conditioning thermostat was set to fan only, and I had it on high, but it still wasn’t clearing the air, very quickly.  I now also had all of the ceiling fans on high. We turned the ventilation system on in both bathrooms, and after a little while, we were beginning to see some headway with the smoke. Next month, I have to have my HVAC system cleaned. I can only imagine what state my air filters will be in.

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