The leather may crack

When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother gave his whole collection of old books to me.  I travel for my job, and I have made a habit of going to book stores and sales, wherever I am, and I am adding to my collection of first edition and limited edition books.  Some of them are very rare, and they are worth a small fortune. I love the cover art, and the delicacy of the gold inlay. There is such intricacy in the bindings and the blazer.  I have one room in my house that I use solely for the showing of my books. I need to make sure that I have perfect climate control conditions in that room, to preserve my books. I have to be aware of the temperature and the humidity levels, at all times.  If there is too much heat, then the humidity levels tend to drop. With air conditioning, I don’t want it to get too cold, nor to have any excessive humidity. I am always concerned with mold and mildew on the pages of the book. I watch to make sure there is no discoloring of the cover, and that the leather is in perfect shape.  If it is too hot and dry, the pages can become brittle and disintegrate. The leather can crack. There are so many variables that must be met in order to preserve the integrity of my books.. I have a whole house humidifier to work in conjunction with my furnace. There is a dehumidification system that works hand in hand with the air conditioning.  I am able to control every aspect of the climate in that room, and it also allows me to have perfect climate control in my own living areas.

richards AC 

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