I need my family comfortable

As a kid, I never stopped hustling. Growing up in the big city, everyone in the family had to hustle every day to make enough money to scrape by! I went to school in the morning, then as soon as the final bell rang I went to my assigned corner and started selling the night edition of the city newspaper. It was a horrible thing, and paid minimum wage, although I kept at it, and saved up every nickel and dime. My 2 brothers had the same work, just on other corners, and we all competed to see who brought home the most. Then one month I ended up pulling down some nice tips, so I showed my brothers up by bringing back an air conditioner. You should have seen their faces when I wheeled that A/C model in through the front door as a gift for the family. Our house had never had any AC, in fact there weren’t even vents in the place, so there wasn’t any heating either! So me spending a whole week’s worth of pay on a box style A/C unit to mount in the window was sort of a big deal for everyone, and boy what a huge success it was. I left it in the kitchen so my mom and dad could use the A/C more than anyone else because they worked the hardest. Over the years I’ve had a lot of tasks, and purchased a lot of things, but nothing has ever given me the delight I derived from that A/C unit.

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