This is a bit of a risky investment

I think I may have the worst internet company in the world.  They keep telling me that it is the location I live in, that makes my internet so sporadic and unreliable, but I don’t believe them.  They are the only company in the area that will service us. I work from home, and I can only hope that I am able to transmit my documents over the internet, when I get them completed.  I was working at home the other day, when my HVAC technician showed up to do our regular maintenance check on the heating system. While he was there, he noticed that my thermostat was getting pretty old, and he recommended that we get a new one.  He told me all about the new smart thermostat that can be operated with a smartphone or with our laptops. This sounded good to me, but I knew that if it needed to be on WiFi, this was the wrong home for it. He said how we would be able to monitor the HVAC system form wherever we had WiFi and our smartphones.  He explained how it would be able to let the HVAC company know if there was a problem with our furnace or air conditioning. It was even able to have a motion sensor. If someone came into the room, it would light and give a read out of temperature, time, and humidity of the room. I thought this was all interesting, but then I told him about our internet service, and how sporadic it could be.  The HVAC tech looked a bit deflated with my news, but I couldn’t spend that much money for something I would probably not be able to use.

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