I think this is ideal

I recently invested in some upgrades to my HVAC system which have paid huge dividends.  I hired a licensed HVAC contractor to update my furnace and air conditioner to zoned conditioning.  The project was not overly expensive, and did not require any teardown or the purchase of new heating or cooling equipment.  The HVAC contractor simply installed a series of valves into the ductwork which allow me to control the temperature independently, room by room.  I am no longer forced to maintain the whole home to a single temperature. I don’t waste money heating or cooling an empty room. Those areas that tend to get overheated or feel chilly are now kept at the perfect temperature, and I can cater to personal preference.  To accomplish this, I also needed to replace my standard thermostat. I now have a centralized, smart thermostat located in the living room which links to a thermostat in each room. I have much easier access and way better control over comfort, energy usage, and the operation of the HVAC system.  Temperature and program changes can be made from any of the various thermostats. The central thermostat in the living room links to every room, and I also have access from my smartphone or laptop. I have set up a program so that I rarely need to make any adjustments. The thermostat automatically caters to my typical schedule, minimizing energy consumption when my family is out of the house and providing ideal comfort when we arrive home.  If there is an unexpected to change to our schedule, I simply tap a few buttons on my phone and make an adjustment.

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