Something happened to the heater

About once a year our entire basement floods to the brim with water and ruins everything we store down there. FInally I had enough, so to stop that from happening again, I called a plumbing business from town. They installed drain tile that is made only in order to run the water out of our basement and circumvent the flooding. As long as I installed the new drainage system, I also fixed up our basement. I also got a whole bran new heating for the loft and stored it downstairs in the basement; Needless to say, I truly was honestly planning on the new drain tile to work wonders, then well, the Springtime time always brings through a lot of rain and snow melting, to boot. That is always the time that the basement floods the worst. I did not worry about our basement that year, or our oil furnace. I figured I was all set since I had made the plumbing renovation. I then made a call to the HVAC supplier to put away our heating system unit for the season for the year. Well, wouldn’t you know, I got the shock of our life when the HVAC suppliers came upstairs quickly to tell me that our entire basement was flooded. They looked grim and then informed me that it must have flooded long enough that even black mold has formed everywhere. To make matters far worse, the oil furnace was totally sunk in water, destroyed, and covered in rust on it. So now I have to call the plumbing supplier and yell at them over the awful drain tile installation. I still also have to pay the HVAC company for doing nothing at my house, but finally, I have to replace our whole brand new oil furnace.

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