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About once a year my entire basement tends to flood with water and ruins everything we have down there. After going through this for years, I called a plumbing business for contracting work. They installed drain tile that is made to quickly drain the water out of my basement! Since I installed the whole customized drainage system, I then went ahead and fixed up my basement.  I even added tons of workout devices down there. I went and treated myself to a bowflex, treadmill, elliptical and a full weight bench. I also got a whole new heating plan for the house and had it installed down in the basement. Of course, after spending the money, I was really planning on the drain tile to work for our basement. Too bad early Spring time constantly brings a lot of rain and tons of snow melting. I did not worry about my basement flooding and drowning my workout device or my gas furnace. I figured I was all set down there. I then made a call to the HVAC corporation to maintain my oil furnace device for the year. Well I got the worst shock of my life when the HVAC corporation serviceman came back up to tell myself and others that – surprise! – my entire basement was flooded. The tech then informed myself and others that it had mold formed everywhere down there. To make matters worse, the heating plan was totally destroyed from all the water and all my workout device had rust on it. Not only do I have to pay the HVAC corporation for doing nothing, but I also have to update my brand new gas furnace. Worst of all is the embarrassment. Since so much damage had been done down there, it was pretty clear to everyone that I hadn’t been using my new workout room.

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