My house is way too hot

My dog honestly loves to be warm… I open up our front door so that he can bathe in the sun, but both of us also have another door there. But the door that is there is all glass, and so the sun likes to shine through it. My dog also likes to bathe in the sun that shines through the door. However I’m stuck in a tough situation, now that the weather is getting cooler I don’t want our front door open. I recognize our front door being open is letting cool air inside our house. Now that the weather is cooler I don’t want that cool air inside our cabin. I am even running the heat occasionally. It’s getting so cool that I need to run the heat. However by letting in the sun it will also keep our cabin warmer. So I’m stuck in this tough situation. I don’t suppose I should keep the door open to let in the sunlight. But at the same time it also lets in the cool air. My dog also entirely enjoys the warm air that the sun puts into the cabin. She loves to bathe in the sun. So she would be quite cheerful while my cabin would also be heating up. I guess it evens out with the sun heating our house, the cooler air would enter our cabin through the door. It is fairly well insulated. However it is not well enough insulated for the wintertime, so once it starts to get dreadfully cold I guess I might as well shut the front door. The sun will have to just come in through the front window. She’ll have to find a new place to lay.

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