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Is there any single US state that does not require the people to have both heating and cooling? I mean, obviously the answer is probably “florida,” but is there anywhere else? Because I truly don’t want to live with all the psychopaths down there. Now, I was born and raised in the Northeast, but most of our life was still continually spent dealing with the furnace and air conditioning system! Fall came instantly after summer faded in September and the heating system needed to be diagnosed fast afterwards! After that, Winter and Springtime were both cold cold cold… Even on Easter, both of us always needed to use our heating plan without fail, but then once we finally noted that Summer arrived, the heating system was able to be abruptly turned off and packed up for around two weeks. My family did not own an a/c system for the summer time, however both of us should have. All of us agreed having a cooling plan in place only for two weeks was a waste of money; However, the Northern Summers still get really sunny and humid. An a/c would have helped with that. A little bit of cooling would have been heartily appreciated, but now I live in the South, so instead I have the reverse life. Now i need to use A/C in Summer, Fall and Springtime each year for sure. I need both heating and cooling power, no matter if I am at home, or going to see our parents across the street. Is there any location that can get by with just one single system; heating or just AC?

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