We have to be intelligent

Is there any great US state that does not require the people who live there to have both heating plus cooling? Since I was born plus raised in the North, that means most of my life was spent dealing with the furnace. I would much rather have to deal with only the AC system. But having to contend with both was absolutely impractical, and I need to find a better climate to augment my indoor temperature control more effectively. Up north the fall came instantly plus the gas furnace needed to be professionally serviced right then, because winter was coming sooner than expected. After that, Winter plus Springtime were both incredibly chilly cold and lasted for so much longer than you would imagine… Then once Summer finally showed up and arrived, the gas furnace was able to be turned off entirely for around two weeks. For those couple of days, we ran our AC system heavily. Of course, the A/C plan naturally dries out the indoor air quality in the home, making everything chapped and frizzy. Now as an adult I live in the South! Basically I have the entirely opposite life. I need to use my central A/C in Summer, Fall plus Springtime for sure. It runs constantly and costs me a ton. And then our winter is basically around two weeks, but they are certainly a chilly two weeks. Then I have a space heater to worry about. I’m so tired of this unnatural air. I just want to have the climate on my side, so I could stop worrying about HVAC services so often.

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