We are wasting far too much money

Is there a single US state that does not fully require the people to have both heating as well as cooling systems in their houses? I was born as well as raised in the Northwest region, and therefore most of our life was spent dealing with the operation of the central furnace. Of course, once summer closed its doors, our brutal Fall came immediately as well as the gas furnace needed to be professionally worked on, very fast. After that, Winter as well as Springtime definitely were both going to be frigid cold. Of course, once Summer arrived, the gas furnace was able to be cleaned up, and turned off for around several months. Then we had no choice but to worry about getting out the little window AC unit. My family did not own a central air conditioner, but the people I was with and I probably should have. All of us agreed that having a more official cooling plan for several months was going to be a waste of cash… However, the Northern Summers get undoubtedly humid, and I know a central air conditioner would have helped with that. I just wish we didn’t have to switch back and forth between the two air condition devices all year! I didn’t enjoy all the work of cleaning up and storing our furnace and window AC unit. Besides that, it costs a fortune to service both of the air quality devices twice a year. I want the extra savings that I can expect without having a full central heating and cooling service. Is there any location that can get by with just heating or just AC?

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