Heading back to the apartment

I used to own a house, but I ended up selling it. The house was three bedroom and two bathrooms, with a two car garage. I was always on the road for work, and I was neglecting the house. The bills were piling up, and I was never home. I decided to sell the house, and move into an apartment. I don’t have the yard to upkeep anymore, but there are still flowers outside my window. I have my own assigned parking space, so I never have to park three or four blocks from my house. I don’t have to worry about appliance repairs, because I can contact the apartment manager. A few days ago, the heating element in the oven stopped working. The maintenance crew were there the same day, to fix the problem. Last week, I was home all weekend. The A/C unit was malfunctioning, and I was happy to call the apartment manager. I didn’t have to worry about paying the bill, or being home for the repair. I left for a few days, to settle some contracts down south. While I was away, the crew fixed the issues with the A/C unit. When I came back to the apartment, the A/C unit ws working again.  There was a note on my counter, explaining the work order. The A/C unit had been repaired and cleaned. Living in an apartment, has really eased my mind. It’s nice to call someone for help. Until I can settle down and stay home, apartment living is going to work out best for me.

air conditioning unit

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