Easing our mind

I used to own a house all of my own, however I ended up selling it recently. See, the condo was more than 2 dining rooms plus two bathrooms, as well, with a two car garage… Since I was typically on the road for work and only lived by myself anyways, I was neglecting the house. The bills were piling up quickly, plus I was never even at home. I decided to sell the house, plus transfer all my shit into an apartment. I don’t have the huge yard to upkeep anymore, however there are still a few flowers outside our window. I have our very own assigned parking space, so I never even have to park more than a single block from our house. I don’t have to worry about appliance repairs, either, because I can contact the condo manager for any of those concerns, but a few afternoons ago, the heating element contained in the oven stopped laboring. The repair crew actually were there the same day, specifically to repair the problem… Last week, the cooling system component was malfunctioning at home, plus I was cheerful to call the condo manager. I didn’t even need to stop for one second and have to worry about paying the bill, or being actually at the place for the repair. I even left for a few afternoons in order to settle some contracts down south, and conveniently while I was away, the crew fixed all of the cooling problems with my unit. When I came back to the apartment, the cooling system component truly was properly laboring again.  There was a note on our counter, explaining the whole problem and final order. The cooling system component had been repaired entirely plus well cleaned. Living in an apartment these days has entirely eased our mind. It’s nice to call someone any time of day for help… Until I can settle down plus just stay home, condo living is going to be the very best for me.

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