It’s time to fix my house

One of my most favorite things to do is bake pies! I love to bake pies. I would bake pies for a living if I could, I just do not want to open up my own business. I do sell pies as a hobby though, and one night recently I was baking pies for a celebration. I had baked it the day before. I let it rest out overnight. I would never have done this had I known my Heating and Air Conditioning system was going to die on me! I would have put the pie in the freezer to keep it cool! My Heating and Air Conditioning system got stuck on the heating setting and so it kept getting hotter and hotter. I was really concerned. I did not realize it until the next morning even. I was certainly uncomfortable sleeping that night though. I woke up in sweats and I even turned on the fan. I did not consider going downstairs to turn down the temperature control! So when I awoke the next morning I realized how warm it was in my house. I had to turn the Heating and Air Conditioning system completely off. I also contacted my Heating and Air Conditioning supplier instantly. When I went into the kitchen right then I observed that the pudding in my pie had completely gone soggy. Obviously I was less than thrilled. I had to remake this unique pie before the party. However, I was not going to be able to remake this pie in a house as hot as this, so luckily the Heating and Air Conditioning professional showed up just in time for me to bake another pie.

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