These days we need temperature control

I used to own a house of my own out in the outreaches of town, but I ended up selling it. See, the house was more than I needed. It was very large, with many rooms, too much lawn to mow, and a 2 car garage. I pretty much was always on the road for work, and otherwise I lived alone. I did not need that much space and it was costing me a ton. That’s when I decided to sell the house, & transfer my life into an apartment. Now, I do not have the yard to mow and rake anymore, I don’t worry about shoveling because I have our own assigned parking space, and I do not waste nearly as much money on heating and cooling. SInce the apartment is so much smaller, I barely have to run the AC or furnace these days, and my energy bills are fantastic! I do not have to worry about HVAC repairs, because I can contact the house director to take care of my place… A few days ago, I was home all weekend freezing my butt off when the whole furnace quit on me. I could have been upset, but instead I was cheerful to call the house director. I didn’t even need to waste any energy having to worry about paying the bill, selecting the HVAC company, or being home for the repair. I left for a few days, went off on an airplane to settle some contracts down south; While I was away, the HVAC crew fixed the issues with the heating unit. When I came back to the apartment, the heating component was now working like magic again.  

temperature control unit

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