Friends of mine

Two good friends of mine are opening a tiny dress boutique on Main Street. Honestly, I could not think of any people more suited to running a boutique. They are both stylish, and they have wonderful personalities! Sara and Eva have been friends of mine for a very long time, so I offered to help them in any way I could. They immediately took me up on that offer and asked if I could get them a good deal on HVAC installation. The building they are moving into is very old, and the previous owners never installed HVAC. The HVAC installation is going to be very tricky because whoever does it has to preserve the historic nature of the home and make sure that we do not compromise the original architecture. I really did not want to agree because I know it is going to be a lot of hard work. I simply could not turn them down, though. I agreed to check with my boss to see if our HVAC company could do the installation at a discount. My boss was excited about the prospect of getting to do a project like that, but he said there was no way we could do a discount. So, that leads us to today. In about three hours, I am going to be packing up my tools to go do the HVAC installation myself. Most likely, we are going to end up in trouble, and everything will be a massive failure, and I will never offer to do HVAC installation on the side, ever again! I warned Sara and Eva about this, and they still wanted me to do it. We will just have to see how this works out!

HVAC installation 

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