Offering a discount

Two fantastic and old friends of mine are opening a tiny dress boutique right down the road on First Street. Honestly, I could not think of any other people who would be more suited to running a boutique. I think of them and I smile; they are both stylish, skinny and lovely, and they have beautiful personalities! I’ve known both of them now for a long time, so I offered to help them in any way I could be of assistance. Well… they instantly took me up on that offer and soon asked if I could get them a pretty good deal on Heating and Air Conditioning installation. The building they are moving into actually is genuinely old and historic, and so the previous owners never installed Heating and Air Conditioning plans. The Heating and Air Conditioning installation is going to be genuinely tricky to perform, mostly because whoever does it has to preserve the wonderful historic nature of the lake house … Well, once I heard of all these complications, suddenly I really did not want to agree to the task. I believed it was going to be a lot of tough work, and might get difficult between my boss and my friends. I simply could not turn them down, though. The next day I inquired with my boss to see if our Heating and Air Conditioning company could do the whole HVAC installation at a discount! My boss was excited about the project, but he said there was no way every one of us could offer a discount. SO here I am,  packing up our tools to go downtown and perform the Heating and Air Conditioning installation all by myself.

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